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Sharmns Cross Science Museum

Each year, during British Science week, we hold our 'Sharmans Cross Science Museum'.  Here, the children showcase a science homework projects that they have been working on for a term.

The children are asked to create a project based on the theme selected that year by the British Science Association for British Science Week. The children can interpret the theme as they wish, to produce a project that includes an investigation, the results and an evaluation.

On Science Museum Day, children and staff dress as scientists; we set up the projects in classroom galleries and open the school to family members, often including aunts, uncles and grandparents! The young scientists present their projects to the museum visitors, answer questions and share their enthusiasm.

The teachers select two winners from the school (one from lower and one from upper key stage two).  Their prize is to represent our school at the Solihull Synergy science event, where they get to meet professional scientists and see science in action!


Take a look at some of our projects and children presenting them!

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