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Y5 Home learning- 10.03.23 SNOW DAY

We hope that you have a lovely snowy day today! As it is a school day, we have set you some work. We understand that you might not be set up for home learning today, so please do the best that you can in the circumstances. 


We are also holding a snowman competition! Ask an adult to Tweet your snowman picture on @sxjs and there will be a prize for the best snowman in each year group.

Art: We'd like you to do this first incase the snow melts!

Go in the snow and have fun.

Can you make a snowman or even something more creative?

As our art topic is photography, we'd like you to take some photographs that capture the fun you have been having in the snow. Remember to think about lighting and the composition of your photograph. Please send us your photographs so that we can use them as part of your art and so that we can see the fun that you've had. 

Maths: Mrs Swain and Mrs Cole's group

Y5 Spring Block 4 TS2 Perimeter of rectilinear shapes

You started this work yesterday, so watch the lesson video to recap the learning and then complete your worksheet.

Maths: Mrs Hicks' and Mrs Donelan's maths groups

Y5 Spring Block 2 TS7 Use fractions as operators

This is "Y5 Spring Block 2 TS7 Use fractions as operators" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.



Write an account about being dropped off in Pandora.

You will need to describe the setting and an encounter with one of the animals we have learnt about (try to do a different animal to what is in your non-chronological report)


Ideas for starting a sentence:

As the plane flew off,

Leaving dust swirling around me,

I looked around at my surroundings


Ideas for ending sentence:

Finally releasing my breath, I slowly made my way back to base camp


Try to include:

  • relative clause – that, which, who, where, whos
  • subordinating conjunctions – ISAWAWABUB – if, since, as, when, although, while, after, before, until, because
  • brackets – for extra information
  • fronted adverbials with a comma

Pandora Discovered


Research different volcanoes and create a fact file or a powerpoint on the information you have found out.

Include diagrams with labels and captions.


To find out more about what volcanoes are and how they erupt follow this link:



Make a Volcano!

Follow the instructions above to make your own erupting volcano.

  • Step 1: First, place an empty plastic bottle in a mound of sand.
  • Step 2: Use a funnel to add some baking soda to the bottle.
  • Step 3: Mix some food coloring and vinegar together and pour this mixture inside the bottle and watch your volcano erupt!

Have fun!