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Welcome to our Outdoor learning page!


It’s so easy to take our curriculum lessons outside and link them to the natural environment!


This is what you should be wearing to make sure that you have a fabulous time without getting to wet or cold. We go outside whatever the weather!!!



Outdoor learning in pictures!

Investigating the story of the Green Man, who lurks in the woodland. What would he look like? What is his personality? What secrets does he have?
Looking at sequences and creating them using natural resources.
We make fires and discuss the importance of being careful and responsible! Remember the fire triangle!
Creating symmetry! There is so much symmetry in the outdoors!
We carry our regular mini beast hunts to investigate the type of animals that live within the different habitats of our school grounds.
How did people get to other countries 1000 years ago? They build rafts! All year 5 were given was a piece of string! How did they use their teamwork skills to create a raft that would float and carry our little character?
Making wattle and daub walls. It was very muddy and tricky to do. We could not believe that people made whole houses in this way as it too us a whole afternoon of dedicated teamwork to just make this!
We measured the age of the trees in our grounds and we were amazed at how old some of them are! We imagined what the trees may have seen in their lifetime and the stories that they could tell if only they could speak!
Solving maths problems using the environment around us to help!
We all look after our school garden and the animals love it too. There are bird boxes and bees that regularly visit to pollinate the flowers!



Our beautiful pond area. Creating a fire for Year 5 to cast their spells into the flames!

fire OL.MOV

Still image for this video