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Eco committee

Eco committee


 The Eco committee is set up (with a representative from each class) each September. The representatives work together to make our school more 'Eco friendly'.  


The committee has been involved in lots of activities across the school, including inviting a member of the Ashden team in to use their thermal imagining camera.  It showed us whether there were places in the school that were not insulated properly. The Eco-reps have also created a sticker system to chart how much light each classroom needed and which lights could be switched off to reduce our carbon footprint. This led to  the launch of the weekly 'Most Eco Friendly Class'  award. Each day, the Eco-reps monitor how classes are using electricity and if they are switching lights off when they are not needed, accruing points towards the award.


The Eco reps carried out an assembly to share their ideas and help everyone in the school community to understand how they could help. The team introduced ‘Switch off fortnight’ to the school, as a way of assessing how reliant we are on electricity and how taking this energy for granted can lead us all to be wasteful. The Eco-reps used the data from our STARK reader to see what impact leaving lights on in empty rooms had been having on our overall electricity consumption. This contributed to Sharmans Cross gaining our Level 3 Greener Schools award!


There are a lot more projects to come!


Have a look at some of our pictures to see what the Eco reps (and the school) have been up to!