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Whole School Art Activity

The Resurrection of Jesus – Whole School Art Activity


After you have recapped the story of Easter (see the other pages), look at the images below that show the tomb being empty and Jesus appearing to Mary to show her that he was alive and had risen from the dead.

This is what is celebrated on Easter Sunday by many Christians across the world. They believe that Jesus died so that we could be forgiven and so it is a joyful time for them.



Either in your homework book or on plain paper, create your own image to represent what happened in this part of the story, the resurrection of Jesus.

You could focus on:

  • Mary and how she felt to see the empty tomb / see Jesus alive
  • An image of the empty tomb
  • An image of Jesus
  • An image to show your feelings about this story (this could be one image, a set of small images, colours used to show your thoughts and feelings).

To create your image, you could:

  • Draw a picture
  • Choose a medium to use that you have at home (e.g. crayons, wax crayons, paint, felt tips etc.)
  • Create a collage image
  • Draw lots of small images, cut them out and then stick them on paper to make a shape or to fill a larger image (e.g. lots of small images inside a cross).

Show us what you have done!

Mrs Harrison would LOVE to see your creations when we are back in school. You could also ask an adult to take a picture and upload it to Twitter and mention Sharmans Cross in your tweet so we can see it J