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Year 3

To help us get to know adults in school, we will be learning Spanish words/phrases used to identify people and say what their job is.  We will also use Spanish to do the register, greet people around school, introduce ourselves, and say how we feel.


Year 4

This term the children will take part in memory games and short role plays to help them understand more complex instructions, secure familiar vocabulary and use a wider range of words and short phrases to communicate with others during lessons. Children will continue to develop their confidence in Spanish.


Year 5

Children will respond to more complex instructions and use a wider range of phrases to talk to others during lessons. They will read a Mexican legend about the origin of La Poinsettia, and learn a Christmas song.


Year 6

In Spanish we start the year by revisiting the core vocabulary and grammatical structures used to ask and give personal information including name, nationality, age, family, and personality. For this the children will prepare and give short oral presentations and take part in role plays.