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P.E. at Sharmans Cross

At Sharmans Cross Junior School, our aim in P.E. is to teach our children to lead healthy and active lifestyles. This is promoted using an enriched and inspiring P.E. curriculum. All children take part in P.E. due to our inclusive and tailored approach meeting the needs of every child. Children are taught underlying core skills needed for a variety of different sports, including developing flexibility, control, strength, technique and balance. These are taught in a variety of ways such as gymnastics, games and athletics. At Sharmans Cross, we also aim to promote good sportsmanship. We teach our children to be good team players, to give constructive feedback, to be inspiring team leaders and to learn new skills in a supportive environment.

Playground Leaders 

At Sharmans Cross, our Playground Leaders promote their love of physical activity and aim to get everyone involved in lunchtime activity. They deliver a range of fun activities, whilst developing their leadership skills, organisation and confidence. Delivering these activities helps promote health and a life-long love of physical activity for all children

Clubs at Sharmans Cross

At Sharman's Cross School, we ensure that children have lots of opportunities to attend extra curricular clubs. We provide clubs at lunch time run by a trained P.E. specialist, after school clubs led by specialist from external sports clubs and clubs led by teachers. Children are given the opportunity to take part in a variety of different sports.

Useful P.E. Videos 

Clubs in the local area