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Welcome to 5L!

We’re a friendly class who are always kind, caring, passionate and hard-working. Everything we do is underpinned by the school values. At the start of this year, we have all agreed that we will always be:

Ready – Ready to learn.

Respectful – Caring for everyone and everything.

Safe – Looking after ourselves and others.

If you walked into our classroom, you’d see our dedicated, supportive teacher Mr Lees delivering lots of fun and challenging lessons for us. You’d also see Mrs Moore, who is a brilliant, caring teaching assistant who supports our learning. Most importantly, you’d see a class of happy, hard-working children using excellent listening skills, focussing on their tasks and working well together as a team.

Here are the links to the music for each of our class songs:

Henry, Henry, Henry: ABBA - Money, Money, Money (Karaoke Version) - YouTube

5L Rap: Medieval Rap Instrumental - ARIIA - YouTube