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Arts Mark

We are pleased to announce that we have submitted our ‘statement of commitment’ and have begun our journey to gain Arts Mark.



At Sharmans Cross Junior School, we aim is to create a safe and inclusive environment where pupils are confident enough to express their ideas and not afraid to take risks with their work as emerging artists. Children are encouraged to use and explore a range of media, helping them to master the skills of drawing, painting, sculpture, print-making, constant research and inquisitiveness. 


Year group Autumn Spring Summer
Year 3

Colour Theory

Children look at the Primary and secondary colours, mixing colours and colours to create mood.


Children look at the biography of Picasso, investigating cubism and abstract art. Children to use their observational drawing skills to sketch facial features, using a view finder to focus on specific areas. Children create their own portrait in the style of Picasso.

Degas and Bill Hill

Children compare the two artists and then use a variety of media (chalk, pastel, paint, wax) to create artwork showing movement.


Roy Lichtenstein

Children to explore a

variety of media’s and

create artwork using

pointillism linked to

their Geography topic

on volcanoes and


Year 4

Colour Theory and Mark Making

Children explore different mark making techniques. They look at the artist Cy Twombly and create their

own work inspired by the artist. Children explain why they have chosen those colours to represent the seasons.

Niki De Saint Phalle

Children look at Niki De Saint Phalle's artwork and sculptures. Children make their own cartouche and Egyptian death mask. Children use clay to make a model of a canopic jar.



Antonio Gaudi
Children look at the work of the artist and compare his work to nature. Children create a mosaic linked to their picture of nature.


Islamic Patterns

Children explore Islamic patterns and tessellations using geometric shapes,

linking to their RE unit

on Islam.

Year 5


Impressionist painting using acrylic paints and pastels- developing techniques of applying the colour. Children create their own version of Monet's water lily painting using watercolour.

Mark making – ‘Haystacks’ painting

Children focus on Monet's Haystacks’ painting and think about how they can create similar marks and the techniques they could use.

Lynette Cook

Children look at the work of Lynette Cook. Children design an imaginary planet out of paper mache. Children use ICT to develop their planet design.

Hans Holbein

Children to use their

observational drawing skills to sketch Tudor

paintings and look at the meanings behind them. This will lead them onto create portraits in the modern day, incorporating important items that ‘say’ something about

themselves into their artwork.

Year 6


Children to use their observational drawing skills to sketch landscapes and develop their own landscape in the style of Lowry.

Roberto Mamani Mamani

Children to use their observational drawing skills to sketch rainforest animals. They will focus on specific features, exploring a variety of media to develop their

final piece.

Children will use mod-rock and junk modelling to create a rainforest animal.