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As part of the Sharmans Cross family, SC Kids provide a breakfast club, after school care and childcare on inset days, in a fun and friendly setting.


On this page you will find useful information such as booking forms, parent information and current activity planning details. We will be regularly updating this page with photographs, newsletters and competitions.


We welcome parents and children to come and visit us.  If you would like to look round please call us on the office number of 0121 705 2379 to arrange an appointment.  We would love to see you.


Planning and Curriculum links at SC Kids Club.

When staff plan activities as SC Kids they consider the children’s personal interests along with;

The Five Outcomes for Children

  • Enjoy and achieve.
  • Stay safe.
  • Be healthy.
  • Make a positive contribution.
  • Achieve economic wellbeing.


The Principles of Play work Practice

  • To extend the choice and control that children have over their play, the freedom they enjoy and the satisfaction they gain from it.
  • Maximize the range of play opportunities. Foster independence and self-esteem.
  • Manage the balance between the need to offer risk and the need to keep children safe from harm.
  • Foster children's respect for others and offers opportunities for social interaction.
  • Recognise the child's need to test boundaries and responds positively to that need.
  • Foster the child's well-being, healthy growth and development.
  • Further Knowledge and understanding, creativity and the capacity to learn.


We also aim to compliment the objectives within the school curriculum and look at the subjects the children will be learning about during the term. Wherever possible we will build upon what they are learning in school by complimenting the subjects within our planned activities.

All of our activities incorporate basic skills. When cooking, we weigh and measure, board games include counting skills. Numeracy skills are also reinforced in activities such as the target game others involve spelling or reinforce fine motor skills. Physical activities and games are also provided and outdoor play and learning are an important aspect of our planning.


Activities are always offered to the children within a relaxed environment understanding that this is the children’s time to relax and play with their friends. There are no expectations that the children should engage in any particular activity, their time, their choice. If a child expresses a particular interest in an activity or game we will endeavour to provide the equipment or activity to make this possible for the child to enjoy.


We are mindful that the children also value this time to build upon their relationships with friends, and make new friends across the year groups. We actively encourage all year groups to mix and children are a member of a team in club, which allows us to include team games and challenges in our activities.


f you would like your child to complete homework in club time, we can arrange for this to take place, although please be aware that it can get a little noisy in club, and may be a little difficult to concentrate. Please also note that whilst we encourage the children with their homework, we do not offer tuition in club.


Parents are always welcome in our club, we would encourage you to stay a little, or as long as time permits. However we realize that on the whole it is mainly working parents that use our club, and have other children and commitments at the end of the day. It is therefore our objective to inform parents of the activities taking place through notice boards, photograph displays, and newsletters. We welcome your feedback, and you can contact us at any time through the school office or via email.




  • All parents should have received confirmation of their place for September (this will be on the email with your September invoice). If you have not received this email please contact the office as soon as possible.
  • Parents of children who have ad-hoc sessions must renew their contract before a place can be booked in September. Why not send the forms in before we break up for the holidays and be ready for the new term? The contact for 17-18 can be downloaded from this website or obtained from school reception or club.


  • Contracted invoices for July 2017 have been sent out today.


  • Adhoc invoices for May 2017 have been sent out today.


  • New contracts and parent information packs for September 2017 have been sent out via ParentPay.


  • Contracted invoices for June 2017 have been sent out today.


  • Adhoc invoices for April 2017 have been sent out today.


  • May Invoices 2017 for contracted places have been sent out today. As they are earlier than normal we are allowing an extra week for payments to be made. So although the invoices will say two weeks from the date of invoice this is extended by another week.
  • Adhoc invoices for March 2017 have been sent out today.


  • April 2017 invoices for contracted places have been sent out today.
  • Adhoc invoices for February 2017 have been sent out today.
  • The invoices have been sent out encrypted.  Any problems please let us know.


  • March 2017 invoices for contracted places have been sent out today.
  • Adhoc invoices for January 2017 have been sent out today.


  • February invoices for contracted places have been sent out today.


  • Adhoc inoices for December 2016 have been sent out today.

SC Kids Photographs of the Month

Voucher Information


We receive payments from  a number of voucher companies.  Below is the account information they will normally ask parents when setting up schemes with them that you may find useful.


Our Ofsted number is 104049.

Care 4 63109424
Edenred P20756314
Fideliti SHA151C
Sodexho 176519
Busy Bees B91 1PH 0r Ofsted No
Kiddivouchers B91 1PH or Ofsted No
Computershare 0008241458
RG Childcare