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Each week, a new assembly will be added to this page that you can go through on your own, with an adult or as a family to help you to better understand what you are seeing in the news at the moment.

It is important to talk to an adult at home if anything you see or hear worries you. Think of someone at home or a family member you could possibly call if you need to.

Protests & Black Lives Matter

Refugee Week 2020

Windrush Day

Friday 22 June marks the first ever Windrush Day in the UK.
It was on this day 71 years ago, that several hundred people arrived from the Caribbean to start a new life in Britain.
The idea of this new day is to celebrate the many contributions the Caribbean community has made to British society.


Watch this video, a Newsround special, about Windrush Day to find out more.

Looking After our World