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Week beg. 16.11.20 & 23.11.20


Complete one lesson per day using the link below. Remember to complete the work in order. If you have extra time, we are going to be learning about Ernest Shackleton and his expedition to the Antarctic. We would like you to conduct some research about this expedition and create a non-chronological report about this. Use the link below to help you and complete some of your work each day. 


Our science topic about electricity is great! Complete lesson 2 and 3 of the Oak Academy lessons. Once you have done this, experiment making circuits with the game that is linked below.


We would  like you to click on the link below and watch the video about the Ancient Maya beliefs. Use the information in the video (along with your own research) to write an Ancient Maya style myth. You should include at least one of the gods that you have learnt about. You could hand-write your myth or type it, alternatively you could make a book with illustrations. Remember to think about what you have learnt about where the Ancient Maya lived as this will help you create an appropriate setting. 



There are Oak Academy computing lessons for your to do through the link below. In addition to this, we have attached a couple of Code Club projects that you can work through using Scratch (accessible on-line). 


In school we are going to look at using Kodu Game Lab. This software is free but does need to be downloaded. With adult permission and support, you could download Kodu and have a look at some of the tutorials to help you learn the controls and the way that the coding works.


Once you have completed the Oak Academy lessons, use the spelling patterns to help you create a word search or cross word that your friends at school could complete. If you still have time, you could rehearse the spellings using Scrabble tiles or create a mnemonic for the words you have found tricky (e.g. necessary - never eat cake, eat salad sandwiches and raspberry yoghurt.)


Use the PDF document to take you through the R.E. lesson and then complete the table on your task sheet. If you have extra time, you can complete the other R.E. lessons. 


The PDF document will take you through the lesson. There are lots of tasks that are included in there for you to do. When you research a different country, you could create a website, a poster or a PowerPoint. 


Exercise keeps your body and mind healthy. You should aim to do some exercise every day that you are self isolating. Use the link below to select an activity that you are able to complete in your home (or garden) and that is a challenge for you. 

Design and Technology


This half term we are going to look at electronic games. By this we mean board games that contain an electric circuit; we don't mean games consoles or computer games. Your task is to research electronic games at home. You could use the internet and look at the games that you have at home. What games are there? How does the electric circuit work? 

Use the pdf document below to help you.