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Week 6 - WB. 27.04.20

Hello year 4!


Class emails

Thank you to all of the children who have been sending through their work this week – we especially enjoyed reading your poems to the NHS. We have received work you are most proud of, tasks you have worked hard on, art work you’ve created, progress made on TT Rockstars, pictures of things you have made or done during ‘down time’ and much more – thank you for brightening our days with notes about how you have been getting on.
Please continue to send work to your class teachers, particularly the tasks we have identified that we would love to see from you. We have been adding some of your work to our class pages so keep a look out for yours!


Parents: We hope that you will find this a useful tool to support your child’s learning and that children will be motivated to receive feedback from their teacher. Please note, these email addresses are just to be used to send work for your child’s teachers’ attention- please continue to send all enquiries (including password requests etc.) to the office email address as normal.
Year 4 email addresses:
4G -
4P -
4H -


Maths Daily Tasks:

It is really important that you complete your MyMaths tasks each day. Maths skills are something that only get better with practice and they are also easily forgotten if not put into regular use - so please complete these each day. Your teachers will be looking to see who is having a good go at these!

There are additional maths tasks to have a go at too and we would love to hear how you're getting on with these, using what we have previously learnt in school as well as the video links and other information provided.

Computing Mini Project