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Week 5 - W.b. 20.04.20

Hello Year 4! We hope you had a wonderful Easter and that you were able to find time to do some nice things as a family and to get out in the sunshine!

Below, you will see this week's new home learning sheets with daily tasks and activities for you to complete. You might be finding it difficult to get into a routine of working at home, some tips we have are to make sure you get up and have breakfast before you open your task sheets and make sure you are completing your work in a good environment where possible. It is good to complete written tasks to a table and not to be sat with a laptop or other device on your sofa or bed for too long as this is not good for your posture (especially your back!)

Make sure you take regular breaks and do plenty of things you enjoy doing in between completing your tasks.


An online book has been published to help you to understand a bit more about Coronavirus and why there are so many tings that have changed recently, like not being able to see friends or family who don't live with you and having to keep space between you and others when doing simple things like food shopping. It would be good for you to read this with an adult at home and we hope it will help you to understand a little more, especially if anything has been worrying you.

Book link:


We hope you have a good week and we are looking forward to seeing some of the fantastic things you have been up to this week (see note about class teacher emails)!

Espresso log in reminder:

Log into the Discovery Learning Espresso website below:

Login: student29989                              Password: sharmans

Wednesday 22nd April - Today is World Earth Day!

World Earth Day is focusing on Climate Change this year.

Have a look at the attachment below and see if you can get involved in a climate change conversation today.

Make sure you share your pictures with us- we would love to see them!