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Week 17 WB. 13.7.20

This Week's Overview

Year 4 English Overview

Spelling Practice

Mark making with Miss Pillinger


Please see the web link below for the last Spanish lesson of this year.  It is a whole school lesson with the input and resources to help the children start preparing for the Spanish Spelling Bee which will take place during the autumn term. 


After watching the lesson, the children can decide if they wish to watch the videos and/or start practicing the spelling out of some of the words on their vocabulary lists.  Please notice the you can find the alphabet sheet on your children's year homework section of the website and the vocabulary lists on the last slide of the lesson.

When you open the link to the lesson, make sure you click PLAY on the bottom right icon to start the presentation.!Auyb2uZ2HEBRhVczzpi1ces-8-pW?e=KU04Mq  

Yoga With Mrs Nisbett Video 3