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Week 13 - Week Beginning 15.6.20

Hi Year 5,


We hope you are all OK and that home learning is going well. We realise that it can be hard to keep yourselves motivated at home to do all of the learning, but the work we have been receiving has been of a great quality, so please keep it up!


You have another week of learning about the Tudors this week, and we would love you to produce a factfile/information text at the end of the week and send it to your teachers so we can see the fantastic things you have learnt.


We have also put some important P.S.H.E work on for this week, all about the Black Lives Matter movement. There isn't any writing to do with this, but we think it really important to have some more understanding of this topic. Read through it with an adult if you are struggling with any of the words.


Ms. Martinez has also recorded the next set of 'Spanish at home' cards, which are saved on the main year 5 home work page under Spanish. Try and use the powerpoints if you can, as she has recorded herself speaking so you can check your pronunciation, but we have also saved as a pdf if you do not have powerpoint.


This will be Mrs Snowden's last week before she goes on maternity leave to have her baby! 5SA don't worry - Mrs Ashby will still be on hand to answer any emails for you. Good luck Mrs Snowden and we can't wait to meet your little one!


Have a great week year 5.


Mrs Tyler, Miss Jefferson, Mrs Snowden and Mrs Ashby

Year 5- Monday 15th June