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Week 1 - WB. 23.03.20

Hello Year 4! Welcome to home learning!


To make sure that you stay healthy, keep skills ticking over and hopefully learn a few new things, we would suggest organising your day or week in advance (use the timetable below to help you). Make sure you get up at a good time (before 9am!), get dressed, eat breakfast, complete any chores/jobs you have to do and SMILE! 😁


Arrange your day carefully, making sure you read for 25 minutes a day (at least) 📚, practice your times tables ✖➗, spellings 🔤 and get outside to be active 🏃🚶 (walking the dog, Daily Mile, Joe Wicks workouts on YouTube, etc). We will set English and Maths tasks per day (see below) as well as a weekly project for you to complete.


Try not to be anxious about everything going on in the world 💞- maybe start a journal 🗓 where you can jot down or draw positive things from your days at home? Make sure you speak 💬 to your family and friends every day and talk about anything that's worrying you...a problem shared becomes less of a problem!


Take this time to do things you don't often have time or energy for: cooking 👩🍳👨🍳, playing board games 🎲 or card games ♦♥♣♠, practicing a musical instrument 🎶, gardening 🌼, learning a new craft, writing letters or postcards to family members 📝, drawing pictures for people 🎨, learning to tell the time 🕞...the list is endless!


Mrs Green, Miss Pillinger and Mrs Harrison will be thinking about you all every day and can't wait for things to get back to normal and to see all the wonderful things you have been up to!

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