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Monday 19th October

Maths for Monday.

You will find the link you need for your lesson on the timetable for the week. This link will take you to a video that will teach you the skills you need. Make sure you pay careful attention to the teacher and have a go at answering all of the questions. You can pause the video at any time so that you can think about what is being asked of you. Your worksheet for this part of the lesson is called, 'Dividing with Remainders PDF'. If you feel you need an extra challenge, there is another PDF document called 'Interpreting Remainders' and 'differentiated questions for pairs' that will form the second section of your work. You should spend an hour on this lesson (including the video). If you normally do the Jaguars or Vipers work, you should aim to get on to the second section of work. 

#Lesson Presentation Maya Writing.ppt.mp4

Still image for this video