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Spanish activities

WEBSITES with pre recorded lessons:

The National Oak Academy has a set of five 30' Spanish lessons. They provide solid revision of a few of the key aspects in our Spanish curriculum.

While the lessons are the same for all years, the presentation and the quick building up of content offer good learning/consolidating opportunities for all.


Lesson 1 - The alphabet and numbers

Lesson 2 - Introducing yourself

Lesson 3 - Your birthday

Lesson 4 - Saying the date

Lesson 5 - Saying how you feel



The Radiolingua course features video and audio materials as well as activity sheets and challenges in Spanish.


These are the lessons recommended for each year to consolidate previous learning.  Lessons 22 onward contain new material.   

Year 3: lessons 1 -8

Year 4: lessons 9-14

Year 5: lessons 15 - 21

Year 6 lessons 22 to 40