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As you grow older you will meet more and more people. You won’t remember some of the people later when you are older, but some you will remember forever!


The people you remember forever are special. The reason you remember these people is because they may make you laugh, look after you, teach you or coach you. Most people we remember do all of these things!


Inspirational people have made a difference to you and your life. People who are famous for being ‘inspirational’ include Martin Luther King, Malala Yousafzai, Steve Jobs or Greta Thunberg. 


We would like you to create a character profile of someone who is inspirational to your life. They could be famous but they don't have to be. You should include a drawing of them and a detailed explanation of why they are an inspiration to you.  Use the sheet to help you record your work, or you could create your own way of presenting your ideas. 


If you need to do some research about them, you should use as your search engine.