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The week, our project work will be based on learning more about countries and cities around the world, this may include different cultures and traditions, famous landmarks, food and clothing.


Flags of the World- Flags are a national symbol for all countries. Cultures use different symbols and colours on their flags which are meaningful to them and represent their history and people. Pick 5 countries and investigate your flags. What symbols and colours have they used? Why are these significant to this country? Can you create a flag for the UK which you feel represents our culture, history and people?


From Birmingham to Johannesburg- Have a think about what it would be like to live in another country. Do you think your life would be the same or completely different? Use the link to compare living in Birmingham to Johannesburg. What are the similarities and differences between your life and Nwabisa’s life in South Africa? You could present your findings in a Venn diagram, table or a poster.


Exploring the World- Throughout history many people have explored new places. You can find out about some of them at this link You can pick an explorer from the list or one of your choosing. You could map out the places that the explorer visited or create a piece of art inspired by the places they visited using digital images as support. You may even wish to write a diary entry from the explorer’s point of view to share what they have seen and experienced.


International Games- As part of the London 2012 Olympics a variety of countries were asked to name a traditional game which represented their culture and traditions. The information can be found here at this link: . Research these games and take inspiration from them to design your own game. Think about how the game is played, how you win and what equipment is needed. Where possible, try and test your game and make any changes needed. You could present your game through writing and pictures. These could be handwritten or digital.


Engineering Around the World – Telescopes

● The James Webb telescope will be the largest, most powerful and complex space telescope ever built and launched into space in 2021.

● The telescope will be launched into space using a rocket, this means it will have to be strong enough to withstand the vibrations during the launch. Use an egg to represent the telescope and design a rocket that will surround and protect the egg/telescope during the launch.