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This is a self-led lesson. For this lesson, you will need 5 pieces of paper (scrap will do). Alternatively, if you have 5 bean bags, cones etc, this would be even better. The equipment needed is just to act as a marker for your to do your activities around. If you are using paper, please be very careful not to jump on it as you could slip and hurt yourself.


In this lesson, the instructor takes you through lots of different jumps and movements. We would like you to do this work out and then use it as inspiration to create your own, more challenging set of interval activities. You don't need to send us any work for this lesson, but if you video yourself creating your workout or take some photos, we would love to see! 


Remember, this lesson should take you an hour and it should get your heart pumping. 


Timetable for the lesson: 

5 minutes: Get your heart pumping - go outside and jog around your garden. (If you don't have an outside area, clear some space and do star jumps, and jogging on the spot.)

5 minutes: Stretching - we do this in every P.E. lesson. Just remember not to over-stretch.

10 minutes: Follow the work out on the video. 

10 minutes: Create your own 10 minute work out. 

15 minutes: Do you work out and make changes where necessary.

10 minutes: Intensify your workout - how can you make it more challenging? 

5 minutes: Cool down - walk around your garden, gently stretch.