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Meet the Governors

Meet the Governors


Sharmans Cross is fortunate to have a team of committed governors that work with the headteacher on the strategic development of the school. The Governing Body is a group of individuals who are elected, nominated or co-opted from key stakeholder groups; parents, staff, the Local Authority, and the local community. The responsibilities of the Governing Body and its various committees are outlined below on this page.


Our Chair of Governors is Liz Frost.

Our Vice-Chair of Governors is Steve Kelly.


If you are interested in becoming a governor, please contact the headteacher or look out for vacancies displayed in the newsletter. Click on the star-links at the bottom of this page to find out more about our Governing Body and its work.

The Full Governing Body (FGB) usually meets twice each school term, and there are also four smaller Committees which have specific responsibilities, and report back to the FGB. These Committees normally meet at least once per term and have clear Terms of Reference.


  • The Curriculum Committee
  • The Finance Committee
  • The Site and Buildings Committee
  • The Personnel Committee


The Governing Body as a whole has three core functions:

  • setting the vision for the school

· holding the headteacher to account for the school’s educational performance

  • ensuring the school's money is well spent


The Governing Body


The membership of the Governing Body is stipulated in a legal document, the Instrument of Government.

This states that 'The Board of Governors of Sharmans Cross Junior School shall consist of:

6 Parent Governors (elected by a ballot of parents)

The Headteacher (ex officio)

1 Staff Governor (elected by a ballot of school staff)

1 Local Authority Governor (nominated by the Local Authority)

9 Co-opted Governors (nominated and elected by the Board)


Governors are normally elected for a four year term initially, although this can be renewed.

The Members of the Board from September 2019 are:-


Governor Type
Title Forename Surname Position Date of First Appointment Date re-appointed Date of end of Term
LA Mrs Janet Marsh Chair Finance 01/09/1993 01/09/2017 31/08/2021
Head Miss Sara Wilkes Head N/A N/A N/A
Parent Mr Jamie Cowan   01/10/2017   30/09/2021
Parent Mr Richard Osborne   20/10/2017   19/10/2021
Co-opted Mr Peter Heywood Chair Personnel 20/09/2012 29/04/2015 18/04/2023
Co-opted Mrs Liz Frost Chair of Governors 16/09/2015   15/09/2023
Co-opted Mrs Marie Allison Chair Curriculum 25/11/2015   24/11/2019
Co-opted Ms Lucy Nisbett   25/11/2015   24/11/2019
Co-opted Mr Shamsul Zaman   21/09/2016   20/09/2020
Co-opted Mr Steve Kelly Vice-Chair of Governors 10/07/2017   09/07/2021
Chair S&B
Staff Mr Chris Butler   20/03/2018   19/03/2022
Parent Ms Louise Davies   12/12/2018   11/12/2022
Parent Ms Biro Dhillon Resigned 24/01/2018 25/09/2013 04/10/2017 24/10/2018
Parent Mr Neil Watts Resigned 12/12/2017 20/10/2017   12/12/2017
Co-Opted Ms Sharanjit Desai Resigned 20/03/2018 04/10/2017   20/03/2018
Co-opted Mrs Valdip Chohan Resigned 27/08/2018 12/12/2017   27/08/2018
Parent Mrs Andrea Levine Resigned
Co-opted Mrs Gayle Wattrus Resigned
Parent Mr Michael Glynn Resigned 05/06/2019      
Staff Ms Hannah (Stokes) Donelan Term Ended 31/07/2014   30/07/2018

There are also a number of Associates to the Board who are members of staff with particular and relevant responsibilities who contribute to meetings.  Associate Members do not have voting rights on the Board or any Committees.


Associate members are:

Mrs J. Ferguson (Deputy Head)

Mrs C. Edwards (Bursar)

Miss T. Boon (Literacy Lead)

Miss Z. Jeffries (Maths Lead)

Mr N. Reich (Site Manager)


The Committees


Curriculum Committee

Chair 2018-19: Marie Allison


The Curriculum Committee deals with pupil learning and progress. This includes having oversight of the overall curriculum offer, the attainment and progress of our pupils, and all curriculum related policies.


Finance Committee

Chair 2018-19: Janet Marsh


This Committee focuses on school finances and staffing matters. Its main role is to ensure that the school spends its money wisely, and gets best value. The staffing budget is by far, in every school, the largest budget heading.


Personnel Committee

Chair 2018-19: Peter Heywood

This Committee focuses on staffing matters and deals with matters relating to the personnel of the school.


Site & Buildings Committee


Chair 2019-20: Steve Kelly

This Committee deals with all aspects of the school's physical facilities, including building and site maintenance and improvement issues, health and safety, and site security matters.