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History & Geography

In Year 5, we visit Kingsbury Water Park to develop our geography skills. We particularly focused on our map skills. We were able to look at different scaled maps of the park, looking at how places are represented by different symbols. We studied the  keys to help us work out what we were looking at. We also compared the information from these maps with information on aerial photographs. We used the 4 figure grid reference system to locate places. Some of us even started to use the 6 figure grid reference system too. 

Kingsbury Water Park photos

Kingsbury Water Park photos 1
Kingsbury Water Park photos 2
Kingsbury Water Park photos 3

In year 4, the children visit Preston Montford residential centre and took part in many geography based activities. These included: sketching the local area; using a map to follow a route, which used their knowledge of compass directions; drawing their own maps, with use of a compass and finding key points on a map in order to find the prize!

We visited Long Mynd to develop river skills. The children could gather their own first hand data. This included river width, river depth and the speed of the river.

All children managed to use special equipment in finding and recording their data.

Here are some photos of our time at Preston Montford.

Year 4 residential to Preston Montford

Year 4 residential to Preston Montford 1
Year 4 residential to Preston Montford 2
Year 4 residential to Preston Montford 3
Year 4 residential to Preston Montford 4
Year 4 residential to Preston Montford 5
Year 4 residential to Preston Montford 6

Year 3

After our first, short topic on dragons, in which we produce some super English work, we will be investigating our local area. We will think about our place in relation to the world and investigate how Solihull has developed over time. 


The second part of the Autumn term will give the opportunity to discover the fascinating Stone Age. We use our historical enquiry skills to discover how the Stone Age people lived and how their lives developed through time. Inspired by the Stone Age, we will produce our own cave paintings in outdoor learning. 


Year 4


This term in History we will be learning about Ancient Egypt. The children will look at the Ancient Egyptian way of life and develop their understanding of society by exploring the physical characteristics of Egypt, discovering why the Nile was so important in Ancient Egypt and make deductions about life in the past from pictures of the landscape. 


In Geography we will focus on Egypt and describe a range of physical and human features of places using appropriate geographical terms. We will also make geographical comparisons between localities studied and use maps and secondary sources.


Year 5

Our school trip to Woodgate Valley Country Park is a fun way to introduce the children to our topic on Rivers. Children will learn about how rivers are formed, how they change along their course and where rivers end. They will learn the key features of rivers and how they link to the ‘Water Cycle’. They will also find fun facts about important rivers across the word and develop their map reading skills. 


Year 6

The children will gain knowledge and understanding of the class system through the ’Victorian’ period. They will focus on child labour, education, working life and life in the mines by comparing life now and then. During this topic, the children will also have the opportunity to visit the ‘Black Country Museum’, where they get to enter a real mine and see what life was really like during the Victorian period.