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In this lesson, We will have a look at the text together and then you will work independently on your comprehension questions. 


The answers are included within the document, so please be honest and make sure you don't look at these until you have finished your work. 


Toucans should complete the * text and questions.

Vipers should complete the ** text and questions. 

Jaguars should complete the *** text and questions. 


If you still have some time left at the end please complete these tasks: 

  • Write 3 more questions that could be answered about the text. Try to make them two or three mark questions where the answers need at least two different ideas and evidence to back them up. 
  • Answer the three questions you have just come up with. 
  • Use the answers to mark your work. If you have made a mistake, that's ok but don't leave it as a mistake. Look carefully at the answer and then have a go at answering the question in your own words.