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Piece for Peace

Sharmans Cross will be taking part in a V.E. day activity created by Solihull BID called 'Piece for Peace'


We would like all children to create a five-inch square memorial that is themed around VE Day. Otherwise known as Victory in Europe Day, it marks the day towards the end of World War Two when fighting against Nazi Germany came to an end in Europe.


The memorial can be drawn, painted, sewn, knitted onto a five-inch square piece of fabric. Your fabric could be an old t-shirt, piece of cloth, felt, anything that can be sewn together to form a large memorial to commemorate VE Day as a symbol of peace.

Use the examples at the bottom of the page to help you!


A clip to show you how you could make your square is:


Once we are back are back at school, Miss Pillinger will sew the designs together and the finished piece will form part of a V.E. Day display in Solihull Town centre. For now, the designs will be showcased on the school website  and Solihull BID website so make sure you take a picture of your creation and e-mail it to the school office. 


We look forward to seeing all of the designs!

Here are some examples all using different medias