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Design a background scene for the epic fight of Beowulf vs Grendel! This should look like a banquet hall so consider including suits of armour, long tables with goblets on it, keep it in theme to the Anglo Saxons.


If you have a shoebox, you could also use that to create your scene! Your scene will then be used when it when you have your Lego Workshop with your class!




The Fight With Grendel

Darkness comes and Beowulf lies down beside his brave men. His soldiers are sure they will not see their country again. Under the mist the monster creeps towards Heorot. The soldiers are sleeping, but one man keeps watch without blinking. It is Beowulf. Like a long shadow Grendel comes gliding. His hairy hands rip the hall door off its hinges. A horrible light glows from his eyes. His heart is joyful when he sees so many sleeping in the hall, a fine feast for him. He must start straight away.

He grabs the sleeping soldier near him, snaps his bones and tears him to pieces with claws and teeth. Grendel stuffs the dead man down in huge mouthfuls, greedily gulping. In no time he has eaten him all, even the hands and feet.

Grendel puts out his hand to seize the next sleeping man, but that man's hand comes up to meet him, grasping the monster's hand firmly in such a strong grip that Grendel is afraid. His finger joints are cracking. He has never felt a greater hand-grip. He wants to run back to the moors, to hide in the mist, to find his own home. Even so, he cannot get away any quicker, for Beowulf has pinned his arm down.

Now they are wrestling fiercely. Beowulf is on his feet, bending the arm backwards, pushing back the monster bit by bit. Benches crash to the ground. Grendel roars with pain and fury. Beowulf's warriors rush to help him, striking with their swords. They will save their leader's life if they can. They do not know at first that no iron weapon can wound that beast.

The din of that fight is dreadful to hear - the shrieks of the monster, the shouts of men. Outside the hall, the Danes hear it and tremble with fear. Up and down these fierce enemies fight. The hall shakes as if it must fall down. The finely carved tables are knocked over and smashed against the walls as Grendel tries desperately to shake Beowulf off. But Beowulf remembers the words spoken last night and he holds on tight.

A huge wound opens in Grendel's shoulder. The muscles burst apart, his arm is torn away. With a scream Grendel flees from the hall leaving his arm. He knows he will die. Strong-hearted Beowulf is given glory in his struggle. He has done what he boasted he would, he has freed the Danes from fear. The great grabbing arm of Grendel, from the shoulder to the claws, he hangs above the doorway of Heorot as a sign to all who see it.