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Art & P.S.H.E.

In school, we are going to spend a large portion of our day on this piece of work. We want you to think really carefully and make sure that your artwork is precise, detailed and work that you are really proud of. At the start of the lesson slides, there is a video to watch - make sure you do! After that, there are lots of questions to think about; if you can, it would be great if you can discuss your ideas with someone at home, but if you can't jot your ideas down. 


When you come to task 3, make sure you read the good example very carefully as it shows the quality of writing that we are looking for. We have attached a word bank of colours to help you, so do make sure that you use it. 

Me and My Fear | A Wonderful Story about Independence

You will need to watch this video to help you with your work. It is a story intended for younger children, but the ideas are relevant to everyone, so make sure that you watch to the end of the video.