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Hello and welcome to 4P!

The best role models you will see.


Our teacher is called Miss Pillinger and she is kind and helpful,

We are conscientious, talented and thoughtful.


In Year 4, we learn about the Ancient Egyptians and go on a museum trip,

If we get stuck in lessons, our teacher gives us a helpful tip.


In history, we learn about the raging Romans,

In Science, we learn about electricity, animals and humans.


Each week we practice playing our musical instruments so take a seat,

You'll see us tapping our feet to the beat.


We have an exciting residential to Kingswood this year,

When someone receives Star of the Week we give them a big cheer!


In maths, we learn about column subtraction and addition,

And trying our hardest is our Sharmans Cross mission.


You will find us at the end of the corridor,

Where you will be amazed by our work and more!


Written by 4P!

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