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All about 4HT


Welcome to 4HT, we are a fun, kind, skilled class who love to learn. Our class is full of helpful and caring people making us great! 4HT strive for excellence and have many talents as we are very creative too. We are all equal and treat each other fairly, which makes us happy. We also look to help each other out and enjoy sharing our ideas.


We adore art lessons - it is fun and we get an opportunity to do creative activities. We love to craft and make things. Keep your eyes peeled for our masterpieces to come this year! We each help each other if we are unsure or find things tricky.


4HT enjoy computing and are looking forward to making our games using 'Scratch' because this gives us another opportunity to use our creative skills.


We are enjoying being historians and finding out about life in the Ancient world, especially about Ancient Egypt.


We have a love for sport and look forward to learning new skills and putting into practice the skills we already have.


Our teachers Mrs Harrison and Miss Turley are really proud of how hard we all work. Mrs Moore and Mrs Burke enjoy working with us too!