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We have been celebrating the Indian colour festival ‘Holi’. Holi is celebrated by Hindus, it is a festival full of colour, which celebrates the coming of Spring. It is a time to give thanks for the harvested crops, which have grown in the winter. There is lots of dancing, singing and parties at Holi! Everyone gets involved! 


During this fortnight, we have had the chance to take part in exciting art, music and dance workshops. During the fortnight, a professional Bollywood dancer came into school and taught us a sequence of choreography to a famous Bollywood song. In addition, we took part in an Indian Dohl Drumming workshop where we learnt about the origin of Dohl drums, how the drums are made and how to play them. In art lessons, we have created our own Rangoli patterns using coloured lentils, made our own clay candle holders and designed our own fabric prints. Take a look at our photos ...

Bollywood dancing

Indian fabric printing