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The Governing Body

The membership of the Governing Body is stipulated in a legal document, the Instrument of Government. This states that 'The Board of Governors of Sharmans Cross Junior School shall consist of.......

6 Parent Governors (elected by a ballot of parents)

The Headteacher (ex officio)

1 Staff Governor (elected by a ballot of school staff)

1 Local Authority Governor (nominated by the Local Authority)

9 Co-opted Governors (nominated and elected by the Board)


Governors are normally elected for a four year term initially, although this can be renewed.


The Members of the Board from January 2018 are:-


Governor Type Title Forename Surname Position Date of First Appointment Date re-appointed Date of end of Term
LA Mrs Janet Marsh Chair of F&P 01.09.93 01.09.17 31.08.21
Head Miss Sara Wilkes   N/A N/A N/A
Staff Ms  Hannah Stokes   31.07.14   30.07.18
Parent Ms Biro Dhillon



25.09.13 04.10.17 03.10.21
Parent Mrs Andrea Levine Chair Curriculum 27.09.12 20.11.16 19.11.20
Parent Mr Jamie  Cowan   01.10.17   30.09.21
Parent Mr Michael Glynn        
Parent Mr Richard Osborne        
Parent   VACANCY          
Co-opted Mr Peter Heywood Chair of Governors      
Co-opted Ms Liz Frost Vice-Chair of Governors      
Co-opted Mrs Marie Allison        
Co-opted Ms Lucy Nisbett        
Co-opted Mr Shamsul Zaman        
Co-opted Mr Steve Kelly        
Co-opted   VACANCY          


Co-opted Mrs Gayle Wattrus        



Mrs Valdip Chohan        


There are also a number of Associates to the Board who are members of staff with particular and relevant responsibilities:-


Mrs J. Ferguson (Deputy Head), Mrs C. Edwards (Bursar),  Miss T, Boon (Literacy Lead), Miss Z. Jeffries (Maths Lead), Mr N. Reich (Site Manager)