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The Committees

THe Work of The Finance & Personnel Committee


Chair 2017-18: Janet Marsh


This Committee focuses on school finances and staffing matters. Its main role is to ensure that the school spends its money wisely, and gets best value. Part of this work involves dealing with matters relating to the staff of the school. The staffing budget is by far, in every school, the largest budget heading. 



The Work of The Site & Buildings Committee


Chair 2017-18: Steve Kelly


This Committee deals with all aspects of the school's physical facilities, including building and site maintenance and improvement issues, health and safety, and site security matters.



The Work of The Curriculum Committee


Chair 2017-18: Andrea Levine


The Curriculum Committee deals with pupil learning and progress. This includes having oversight of the overall curriculum offer, the attainment and progress of our pupils, and all curriculum related policies.